Chapter Eight – Break Free of the Past

For Sookie, it was strange to enter into a realm of dreamlessness. With everything that had already happened she felt as if not being able to dream about anything was anti-climatic. No visits from Fae relatives, no vampire induced dreams. Just a sense of nothingness until she awoke again, almost as if she had died for the day just like a vampire would have.

Waking to the stillness of Godric and Eric beside her Sookie paused for a moment. There was do doubt that she had been through so much already. Things were moving quickly in her life and she didn’t get the chance to really process much of anything.

After her gran’s death she had come to Dallas to help Eric find Godric and got far more in the bargain than she would have thought, got to meet a very powerful vampire, become protected and respected by others, had two very old vampires declare that she was their mate, and then she got to go almost fight a Maenad. So very little time to actually sit and think about things.

While meeting with Niall had been enlightening, she hadn’t expected to have any problems. He was not here, yet, just contacting her in her dreams. She knew that he would be back, that there would be no way to avoid him. She was his family and he would teach her. Now was not the time. At last as far as she knew. They were supposed to be meeting him anyway, right?

Slowly climbing out of the bed, Sookie took a quick shower and changed into clothing of her own. Her dress from last night would need to be washed and since she hadn’t really had a chance to explore the house she thought about doing so now. Her shields were done and she would very easily be able to pick up on other human thoughts. That much was clear. Yet she didn’t really feel as if the minds were invading, just there. It wasn’t like the minds that she had encountered where the humans were glamoured. No this was just simple thoughts.

Moving from the bedroom through the hallway and down towards the kitchen, Sookie contemplated her options. She was hungry, but she needed time to think about things. Not having gran there to talk too was going to make this more challenging for her. In a way, she knew that it was already too late to back out of any arrangement that she had with Eric and Godric. They were one bond away from a permanent blood bond and she wasn’t sure what to expect.

Well that was a lie. She had an idea of what to expect if what she felt from Eric and Godric was any indication to go by. She knew that their blood in her would cloud her feelings to a point but neither seemed really wiling to push that. When she had been facing off with Bill they hadn’t even intervene to try to change how she felt. For that she was more than appreciative.

Finding her way to the kitchen, Sookie noticed that the place was empty. There were no other humans here. Maybe he didn’t have staff at this house? It’s not like he really needed too. The only humans that she knew of in his life was his day-man Bobby and Ginger who helped run the bar with them. Humans were not often used in Eric’s life, too many things could go wrong. Sookie was not stupid enough to know that it was also about trust.

After all, the events in Dallas proved well enough that it was hard to trust humans. Not all were loyal and those that you thought were loyal could betray you in a heartbeat. So as she rummaged through the food in the kitchen, she thought about everything that had gone on. Sookie needed to make a list, needed to weigh the pro’s and cons of what was going on. It was too late to back out of her actions with the vampires and in truth she did not wish too.

Maybe this was the problem. Sookie was not someone who often let the world dictate what happened, but she had. If they were going to understand anything she needed clarity in her mind. It was stupid of her to believe that their lives would get any slower. From the moment that Bill had entered it her life had spun out of control and Sookie knew that she would never get back to how things were before.

As she sat there eating her meal slowly, the blonde contemplated things. Bon Temps had been her childhood home, there was no denying that but could she go back? Could she go and face the scorn that encroached upon her day in and day out. The small town minds that seemed to either think she was crazy or some sort of gold-digger or a number of other insults that they often hurled her way. Everyone in that town had known what kind of woman her mother was, and they blamed her for it. As if she could have controlled how her own mother acted. That was the bad part about living in such a small town.

Shreveport did not offer her much in the way of understanding. Yes it was where Eric and Pam lived and Godric now too, she supposed. There was Fangtasia and she could honestly work there but could she do it? Could she leave everything behind that she had grown up with? Maybe that was the wrong question to ask herself.

Yes she could leave Bon Temps behind. There was no one there anymore that made it worth it. Even Jason didn’t actually seem to care. Her brother was another sore subject for her and one that she was not going to think on yet.

Finished with her meal, Sookie quickly washed the dishes and put them away before she continued her exploration of the house. Finding what looked like an office she smiled. It was very Eric. Dark wood tones and a very minimalistic look. She needed to write things down or she was never going to truly understand what was happening.

As she started searching the room, Sookie felt an odd pull in her bonds with both vampires. She would have to ask them when they awoke, what was going on. She knew very little about the vampire world or the politics that ruled them. That was something that would need to be rectified if she was going to survive. It wasn’t that she doubted Godric or Eric’s ability to protect her, she didn’t want them to have too.

Slowly she started to write down everything that had happened to her since she had met her first vampire. Everything, including the feelings and thoughts that had plagued her mind that first night and how quickly she had changed her mind in regards to things that Bill had done. He was a prisoner of Eric, trapped in the basement of Fangtasia and a part of her wondered if she could get answers. It was no doubt that Bill had been sent from the Queen to try to take her, but was she really willing to start a war over it?

With each event that she chronicled, Sookie could feel her emotions reacting. So many things still needed to be answered and she would make sure that they were. It was hard to sit there and write it all down but something inside of her was telling her to do this. That this would be important later.

Time passed by so quickly that Sookie hadn’t realized that it was night fall again until she sensed the two voids of her vampires and heard their soft growls. It was the growling that forced her to turn to them. Anger was clear on both of their faces and in their stances and for one brief moment Sookie thought it was aimed at her. That was, until she followed the trail of their eyes.

Her writing littered the desk, showing them clearly everything she had been through since first meeting a vampire. Things that she hadn’t even told Eric about. Neither vampire was happy with it, knowing that someone had broken all the rules and Eric hadn’t even enforced a punishment for it. That was not going to sit well for long.

It was Godric that spoke first, anger still clear in every line of his body, like a serpent coiled to strike. “Come. Let us discuss all of this before we attend to Compton. I would imagine that the Magister would rather like to hear all of this. Afterall, the last thing they want is a war with the Sky Fae and if Bill had truly done all of these things, war is what can happen.”

The tone of his voice was soft as he held out his hand for his mate. They must talk about this and he, along with Eric, must get proof before they bring their accusations up. He would also need to contact Niall and let the man know everything that had happened to his kin. He just hoped that the Prince of the Fae would not strike them all down in his anger, even though it would be his right.

Sookie took Godric’s hand with one of hers, her other hand slipping into Eric’s as they left the office and headed to the living area. Eric brought the papers with him as they sat her down and got her something to drink before beginning their conversation.

How much about the vampire world did Bill tell you? I know that you knew enough to not argue about his claim to you when you first met me.”

He hasn’t told me anything. Just that you were dangerous and that if I didn’t do what he suggested you could hurt me or kill me and that you would. At the time, I honestly didn’t know any better. By that time I had been fed massive amounts of his blood and now I understand why, a little. So he was able to influence me with his own feelings.”

Both vampires growled at this. Godric spoke, trying to cut the tension. If their Sookie was upset they would not get the information that they needed. They must start from the beginning and he would need to call in a favor with both Niall and the Magister if they were going to get through this night.

My Sookie, Little One, we must know everything that has transpired up until your rescuing of me in Dallas. There are things that the Guardian said in that conference room at the hotel that I think will be better understood once we know the whole story. We have bits and pieces but it is up to you to help us fill in the blanks. Let me start with this:”

Leaning forward, Godric kissed her gently before pulling back. He was trying hard not to influence her emotions but her nervousness was hitting him hard.

Eric could feel it too, the nerve-wracking feeling that was over taking his mate. He hated it. Following after Godric he kissed her as well before scooping her up and placing her in his lap. Holding onto her would help him hold onto his temper. He might be a one thousand-year old Viking but he was still quite explosive when he got mad. Only Godric had ever been able to keep him calm when his anger overwhelmed him.

We will never be mad at you Sookie for what happened. Know this. It is not your fault. Humans do not know the ways of vampires unless they are told. You wouldn’t have known when you first met that despicable excuse for a vampire.”

Biting her lip a moment, the blonde telepath wondered exactly what she was getting into. She understood on some level that they needed to know this and Bill and Sophie Anne would be punished because she was quite sure they would not stop trying to come after her. It was the thought of war that had her scared.

I’ll start from the beginning. I had been excited when I first heard about vampires. It’s nice to know that you were real and not just stories told to scare people. I, of course, had never expected to meet one. Who would come to a tiny little place like Bon Temps? I mean Shreveport I could understand and since I did not, at the time, know anyone there I had no desire to venture out of my little town. I was working at Merlotte’s when Bill showed up. I knew he wasn’t human the first time I saw him. Same way I can tell with you, you all glow.”

There, that was a simple start. Both elder vampires already knew that she was telepathic so that conversation would not come as surprise to them, this much she did know. “As you can imagine, my life hasn’t been easy. Being able to hear the thoughts of all the humans around me takes a toll. Bill was the first person whose thoughts I could not read. It was like this blissful silence in my head. It was easy to be around him, that first night.”

What are you holding back min kärlek?”

Frowning a moment as she realized that both vampires could sense her emotions, Sookie knew that lying to them both was not beneficial.

There were a couple of drainers in Bon Temps, Mack and Denise Rattray. We called them the Rats for short. That first night, Bill apparently glamoured them to drain him. I had no idea, I just knew that they were dangerous and would have killed him if I had not intervened. At the time I had no idea it was a test but the way he acted, so very ungentlemanly at the time. I think the only thing that kept him from launching himself at me that first night was that I had wrapped the silver chain they used on him around my neck. He tried to get me to take his blood at least three times during our conversation before I finally got pulled away by Sam and forced back to work.”

Sighing, Sookie moved so that she was nestled further into Eric’s embrace. What she was speaking off she didn’t like and it was clear through their almost complete bond. This was not something that would be easy for her.

The next night Bill was supposed to meet me when I got off of work but he was late. I’ve never seen vampires late before and he’s been so punctual each time after that. I was distracted and I didn’t hear the thoughts of Denise or Mack until it was too late. They beat me to within an inch of my life. All I remember at first is the pain and then waking up to Bill liking blood from my head and feeling strangely drugged. I must have passed out again because the next time I woke up I was home, showered and feeling better than ever.”

Min kompis, did Bill tell you what the blood would do to you? Did he even tell you that he had fed you so much blood?”

Sookie turned a moment and looked at Godric as she puzzled over his question. Whatever they were calling her, she didn’t mind. The sounds of the words soothing to her. She knew it was Swedish or some variation of it and wondered if they would teach her.

That first night, in a way. He simply told me that it would make my healthy, and increase my libido but that was it. He never told me about the dreams I’m quite sure he influenced me to have or the fact that he could make me feel things opposite of what I felt. He told me that he gave me some of his blood to heal me but not how much. That was also right around the time that we found out about the murderer who was targeting the fangbangers. All of it led up to me making a trip to Fangtasia to try to see what I could find.

“When I first saw Eric, I knew he was the oldest thing in the room, the strongest and someone who I should ally myself with. Then Bill caught me looking and suddenly I was disgusted more and more with each word that came out of his mouth. It turned me sour against Eric and I had no idea why. Given my disability, I’m not normally someone so judgmental but I was over him. Eric would find out about my ‘gift’ as he called it and an agreement would be made. The deaths didn’t end and in the end my grandmother became a target.

“She was not a fangbanger by any means. She was simply a kind woman who didn’t judge others because of what they were. Always teaching us that actions spoke louder than words. She was savagely murdered by the fangbanger killer and a part of me wonders if Bill had something to do with that. I could understand myself being a target, what will Bill around and me being naive. It was not until the Maenad attack and Dallas that I knew something was up. When that Maenad attacked me and Eric offered his blood to heal me but Bill turned him down I wanted to scream. If what Bill had told me about blood healing was true then wouldn’t Eric’s blood have healed me faster. I’m surprised that Bill didn’t fry me with all the blood he kept trying to pour down my throat.”

Sookie could feel both vampires tense in their bond with her and she frowned. Eric pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her head, as Godric moved to encircle her as well. Between the two vampires she felt safe and cared for.

“Little One, we must go to Fangtasia now and discover Bill’s treachery. However, before we go there are people who I must call. It would be safer if you were already our bonded before we approach them. That won’t be an option. We do not have time to fully allow ourselves the bond. Come let us get this unpleasantness done.”

Godric spoke softly as he stood and pulled Sookie to her feet. What she was wearing would be fine for the club. They actually didn’t mind that she didn’t dress like a fangbanger. As he lead them through the house and out to the cars, Godric pulled out his phone and started to make the calls that he was dreading. The first was to Niall, asking that he come this night to bear witness to the vampire that had tried to turn his kin into a Renfield. The next was to the Magister, seeking if the man was still in the state and if he could come post-haste to Fangtasia.

He knew that being the Chief Enforcer for the Authority now that he was within his rights to do what he chose to do, however, he wanted them to understand the reasons. Bill Compton had committed several crimes against not only the vampires but the House of Brigant and he would pay. Both calls were answered and both men agreed to be there. More than likely they would be waiting on Eric and Godric. His final call was to Pam to inform her of what was going on and to advise her to get things ready for the arrival of two guests.

If Godric hadn’t known that Niall could cloak his scent he would have been nervous to have him around a vampire like The Magister but he was not worried. Neither man would want to hurt each other once they knew what was going on.

Climbing into the backseat of Eric’s Corvette, Godric smiled as he kissed Sookie on the forehead before they all took off. Taking the car would allow them the time to think rather than just running, and it would allow Sookie to arrive and not look windblown. Fangtasia was not that far away from Eric’s house, honestly, but he wouldn’t tell anyone that.

As they pulled into the employee parking lot, Godric spoke with Eric through their bond. Eric, let our visitors be a surprise for Sookie. I’ve summoned Niall and The Magister. Since Niall is Sookie’s kin he will have rights to torture Bill for what he has done. The Magister will want to know about his failure with his own progeny and all the things he’s done with Sophie Anne. She might not like this but it is necessary. 

Sookie, we have some visitors. They will not hurt you but I cannot tell you who they are until after the ordeal with Bill. Please just trust us and know that we would never want you hurt.

“I trust you both.”

With those words, both vampires took her hand and escorted her into Fangtasia through the back entrance. Each vampire braced themselves for the onslaught they were about to walk into. Pam was waiting for them by the door to Eric’s office and she looked confused for a moment.

“Our guests are out at the bar and we have officially closed for the night. The vermin aren’t exactly happy about that but I didn’t think you wanted any of them to know what is about to happen. Sookie, how are you?”

“I’m well, Pam.”

Eric led them all out to the main area of the club as he nodded at the Magister and at the person he assumed was Niall. He had never met the Prince of the Faeries, personally but he knew that his maker had.

Godric bowed deeply to the Prince, a sign of respect, and nodded to the Magister. “Niall, Magister, thank you both for arriving here. Our ‘guests’ are downstairs. Some facts have come to light and we needed you here to bear witness to us finding out the truth. If you will please, review these documents and then make your choice.”

Handing over the notes that Sookie had written, documenting everything that Bill had done since arriving in Bon Temps that she was aware of as well as the actions of the shifter. Both of their little guests needed to understand that they could not go unpunished due to their actions.

Both of the guests took their time and looked over the documentation. Niall, of course, believed Sookie because he had been shown the events of her life after he had made first contact with her. Turning to look at his great-granddaughter between the two vampires he smiled.

“Sookie is of my blood. This Bill Compton has committed heinous crimes against the House of Brigant and our princess Sookie. I demand retribution and answers. Let us see what kind of man he truly is? Magister, you know as well as I do that his death is my right. As is it the right of her two mates. You were made aware of the Guardians’ ruling yes?”

“Yes, Niall, I was. Seeing as you are here,I figured this had something to do with your kin but I also remember Eric and Compton’s discussion of this young woman during their hearing. Bill killed another vampire and took away his sheriff’s right to justice. He was forced to create another vampire as punishment, but perhaps I was too lenient.”

Turning to look at the three he spoke, each part directed at each of them. He doubted that the fae-hybrid would want to watch this and he would protect her if they so chose. Anyone that was under the protection of the Authority was under his protection as well. It was out of great respect and friendship that he took Niall at his word. Jorge was not stupid enough to cause a war between the fae and vampires once more.

“Godric and Eric, as by the rights of mates, you may claim Bill’s life. It is also Niall’s right to give the True Death to the vampire in retribution for his blood crimes against his family. Miss Stackhouse, I do not sense a full and complete bond but I know that it must be on the horizon. To touch a bonded mate is punishable by death. If you do not wish to watch the scenes below you can stay up here with me. I’m quite sure we can occupy our time with conversation. I would like to know why a human would risk so much for vampires that they do not know nor owe debts too.”

It was with her soft nod that Sookie moved to the bar and away from the combatants. This was not how she had wanted to meet her great-grandfather in person and she knew if she had seen him kill anyone it would cloud her judgement. She did not want that for now.

Eric, Godric and Pam vamped down to the basement with Niall following behind them. They were going to get answers, and soon. Pushing open the door they waited to see what would happen. They could hear the shifter running his mouth and Compton too. Trying to plot, to plan and none of them would be successful.

“Well, well boys looks like we’ve got a party and no one thought to invite me.”


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  1. I swear to God every time I get to the end of this story I keep on clicking the Next button hoping beyond hope that it’s just a misfunction and will eventually work and lead me to the next Chapter… I’m having issues with this. Seriously. 😦 I’m Addicted…… GOOD JOB!!! 🙂 . If I have any kind of critique of the critical kind to give though, I noticeed that we never seem to get very far in the chapters. It’s a lot of thought which does give us insight as to what’s going through their minds at the time but then we get very little action and things done. I feel like I’ve been waiting for the tourture I mean.. “Information Extraction and Questioning” to go down for a while…. 😦 Maybe I’m overracting. But it’s a great story. (Duh) And I can’t wait for the next chapter. If Sophie and Billium are plotting… Pshaw… 😉

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  2. Compton did manage to rack up quite a number of offense under his belt. it’s about time somebody kick his ass. i still don’t know what’s the deal with Sam. i understand that he’s in love with Sookie and is practically green with jealousy but this is beyond what he is capable of. or is he really just a dumb jerk?
    can’t wait for the next chapter. i’m sure the punishment will definitely fit the crime. 😉


  3. So looking forward to the information gathering. Poor Bill facing Death, the Viking, and an angry Fae grandfather! NOT, Bill deserves everything that can happen.


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