I know I promised more to my stories. I will keep that promise, however, things have taken a turn.

I have been working on them but recently I got engaged (like two weeks ago and the ring is gorgeous if I say so) so my brain has been in wedding mode for a bit. It will be my first and hopefully only. So encouragement and advice are always welcome.

There is some drama around the engagement that I’d rather not get into but I am trying to get back into focusing on the stories.


P.S. Here’s the ring.


Crazy Times

Hello, lovelies –

I wanted to check back in with you all and let you know that I am still here. I’ve gone back to college to get a BA in Creative Writing, and that has sapped much of my free time. I’m slowly working on some of my stories and hope to have chapter updates soon. So many things have happened that I am afraid I might bore you all with all the details. Sorry to anyone that was following me but got tired of waiting for an update 😦


I finally managed to get off my busy and lazy bum and get you guys a chapter update. It’s not much and I know it’s not the story you all want the most but it was the one I could come up with muse for. I hope you enjoy. Like always, you know what to do!


❤ Reinla

Just Checking In

I am so sorry for not being around. I have had a very rough few months. I just wanted to check in with everyone and give you an idea of what is up.

I’ve got a lot going on. I’m still working full-time at the same job I’ve had for the last six years. Only I’m in a new team, and I’m not sure I like it. There are only two of us and at times, I don’t feel like the others pull their weight. She and I work our butts off for little to no recognition. It’s almost as bad as the other side of the company.

I have a boyfriend of over a year, who is the best thing to happen to me in a while. He’s very supportive of me. I will be moving in with him in a few months, and I’m unsure what I’ll do with my computer.

I also started going back to college to get my Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing with an emphasis on fiction. I wouldn’t have gone back if he hadn’t encouraged me.

I started school about ten weeks ago. Every eight weeks I’m on a new course.

As you can tell my schedule is hectic, but I am working on All I Ever Wanted. I have an idea for where to take the next chapter and I hope to get it written. I also have started a couple of chapters for my other stories.

Checking in

Hey y’all. Just wanted to take a moment and check in. Things in my life have changed and for the better. I’m still at the same company but I’ve moved to a new team. It’s way less stressful than my last job. I just have to adjust to new hours and that is slowing me down on my replies. I’m hoping come March I will be able to update. I really want to rocks on one story and get it done. I choose All I Ever Wanted. 

Life can be crazy

I am so sorry I’ve been pretty AWOL lately.

I had a plan, a schedule really of what I was going post and then my grandmother passed away. She was 102 years old. She was also one of the most important people in my life.

Then came the holidays. It’s been rather hectic. If you all have a story you’d like to see me update next please, please let me know. I am slowly getting back into finishing my stories. I hate how many I have open.

To vote, just reply or comment and let me know your preference. The one with the most ‘votes’ will be the one I’ll focus on.

My current stories:

Run Me Over – Twilight/True Blood Crossover

Jaded Allure – Buffy/True Blood Crossover

All I Ever Wanted – True Blood

Just A Little Spark – True Blood

Luck Of The Irish – True Blood